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04 september 2007
Expression profiles available for download
It is now possible to download the dynamically generated expression profiles. Simply build a query and choose the Download Profile option available in the Whole Chromosome, Concise & Extended View.

04 may 2007
Transcriptome maps available for download
Now available for download: Transcriptional Units for 14 species, mappings to different gene expression platforms and TU-TU ortholog sets.

17 november 2006
New Transcriptome maps
Maps for human, mouse and rat (based on UCSC release hg18, mm8 and rn4) have been added.

19 december 2005
Affymetrix genechip data available
Affymetrix genechip (Human: U133A, U133B, U133PLUS - Mouse: U74Av2 - Rat: U34A) data have been added to the HTMseq database and are available for analysis.
The upload facilty has also been extended to Affymetrix experiments. To upload you first need to

09 november 2005
Rat Transcriptome map available
A rat transcriptome map (based on UCSC release rn3) was added to HTMseq.

24 october 2005
Mouse Transcriptome maps added to the HTMseq
Two murine transcriptome maps (based on UCSC releases mm5 & mm6) are now available for analysis.

New human transcriptome map based om hg17
A new human transcriptome map based on UCSC release hg17 is now available.

5 July 2004
New transcriptome map based om hg16
A new human transcriptome map based on UCSC release hg16 is now available.

Analyze your own SAGE libraries in HTMseq
It's now possible to view your own SAGE libraries in HTMseq. All you need to do is register and upload your file.